Plants and Interior Design

There are many ways to add plants into interior design as a creative layer.
They serve as an important accessory in the given space. Indoor plants or trees immediately bring the outside in, making the room feel fresh and more alive. Also it does a great job filling awkward, empty spaces.
Using plants in modern design is a challenge because modern designs seem to demand clean lines and simplicity, whereas nature is wild and chaotic. However, when done rightly they effortlessly elevate the space.
Few important tips to keep in mind
• Choosing the appropriate size in proportion with the area.

• Placement of the planter. Artfully displayed plants in the right space will elevate the design.

• Accessorizing plants with stylish planters or stands creates a pleasant focal point in any space.

• Keep track of the sunlight. There are various plants which grow in low sunlight as well.

Recommending a few plants for your home
• Snake plant
• Spider plant
• Aloevera plant
• Jasmine
• Zz plant
• Pothos plant
• Succulents
• Jade plant
• Croton


The author, Kinjal Shah, is an interior designer, specializes in residential projects since over a decade. Most of her work has been in South Bombay with families across religions. She has a knack for understanding the family’s needs and preferences and has a reputation of delivering as per approved mock ups.

She can be reached on +91 9820095031.
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