Why Indoor Greens came to be?

As a race, one of humanity’s biggest challenges, we believe, is that sometime soon we’re not going to have our planet to live on!

It is sad. Our race deserves to thrive. Climate change is real! Blaming capitalism, hating our governments for being inadequate and a million other reasons to believe it is someone else’s job to save the planet for us hasn’t really helped.

The hard reality is that it’s gonna take a little from each of us. And we believe we all would want to do our bit.

We all have a sunny window and some of us blessed with balconies and patios and outdoor spaces. These can all be mini green spaces that can purify air and keep the green cover going.

The problem though is most of us don’t have the know how and bandwidth to do it. And to have someone do it right will always help.

Our second challenge is it’s hard to trust where our food comes from and what are we really feeding on. And most of us would love to grow our own food. At least some of it if not all of it. And we’d love it to be completely organic and free of harmful chemicals.

Indoorgreens.in was created to be just that help for you!

Right from ideating to sourcing to maintaining your green spaces, you would always have someone to fall back on. And together we would’ve saved the planet and our health a little.

Here’s the founder’s tweet that was adapted to create this article

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  1. Niranjan

    Great ideas and great execution and followup. Thanks. V look forward to our phase 2 increase in our garden after a short break

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